Unmasking the P.A.I.N. Ambassadors Calendar

P.A.I.N. is in the process of creating an Unmasking the P.A.I.N. fundraising calendar.  All of the ambassadors in the calendar have been affected by domestic violence or child abuse.  We are excited about the project and believe that it is an important part of the  Journey to H.O.P.E. to see that survivors and advocates are from all walks if life. We will be posting pictures over the next few weeks of the project.  The photo shoots have been exciting and full of surprises and the Founders, Patty McCall and Lisa Vombrack are looking forward to sharing the pictures and stories of their journey as they continue to unmask the pain and restore hope to everyone they encounter.

Journey to H.O.P.E.

In July of 2011 P.A.I.N. added another dimension to the foundation when Journey Coaching and Counseling Services came along side to provide licensed therapist for victims and their families to receive the healing that they need.  P.A.I.N. also works with Journey in providing group therapy sessions for victims in the military. Another great advocate against domestic violence and child abuse has also teamed up with P.A.I.N. and Journey, Tanya Brown, the sister of Nicole Brown Simpson.  This team of advocates has made it even more possible for the victims of domestic violence and child abuse to begin their Journey to H.O.P.E. “Heal, Overcome, Prevent, Empower.”

Recognition Salute Award

On April 27, 2011 P.A.I.N collaborated with Bare Bones Film Festival in Muskogee, Oklahoma and held the first “Unmask the P.A.I.N. with Movies and Music” at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.  P.A.I.N. presented the first “Recognition Salute Award” to the Director, Evelyn Hibbs of WISH “Women in Safe Homes.” The WISH shelters provide free room and board for abused woman and children.  The WISH House was the first to open their doors to Patty and Lisa so they could experience the procedure that woman go through once they have the courage to leave their abuser.  

The Birth Of P.A.I.N.

P.A.I.N.  “Prevention Awareness In Neighborhoods” Foundation was founded by survivors, Patty McCall and Lisa Ann Vombrack,  on January 9, 2009 while on book tour in Oklahoma promoting Patty’s book “Unmasking the Pain Within”.  The true story of how Patty’s faith helped her endure 17 years of domestic violence in a town where no one knew what was going on behind the closed door.   As they met other survivors and listened to their stories, she saw how bringing the hidden things to light can empower victims to come out of their pain. Her story gave them hope to overcome, move on and walk into their destiny.

The P.A.I.N. Award

  P.A.I.N. Foundation created the P.A.I.N. Award to be presented at various film festivals for The Best Domestic Violence Awareness Short Film.  The first recipient of the award was for the awareness short about the abuse of a little girl by her dad “Frayed”.  The award was presented at the 2009 Bare Bones Film Festival in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  There have been five recipients of the award. At the 2011 Bare Bones Film Festival a new catagory was added, . "Telling Amy’s Story” won the P.A.I.N. Award on April 27, 2011 for Best Film Documentary and has received national recognition.  Best Short Film was presented to "Tell Me You Love Me" It is the desire of P.A.I.N. to present the P.A.I.N. Award at all National and International Film Festivals.  

Book Signing and Screening of "Unseen Hands"

The first P.A.I.N. event held in the Los Angeles area was the screening of “Unseen Hands” and book signing for “Unmasking the Pain Within” The event took place  November 14, 2010 at the Charles Aidikoff Screening Room in Beverly Hills, California. “Unseen Hands” shows the control that the abuser has over its victim and how the violence escalates once the victim tries to escape. The three minute short was the first awareness film produced by P.A.I.N.